Specialized Services

KASB provides a broad spectrum of educational programming and professional development training to school districts. Our staff has the skill and knowledge to present information to district personnel for both personal development and career advancement in a variety of different formats and venues. Professional development encompasses all types of facilitated learning opportunities, ranging from informal learning to formal coursework to practical on-site training on the topics of the district’s choice. Whether it’s mentoring, supervision or technical assistance, for administrators or classified staff, KASB can provide what your district needs.

Participating board members and district level administrators receive recognition through the KASB Leadership Academy. Awards are presented at the end of each program year to those who meet the criteria. Workshop topics such as school law, school finance, negotiations and budgeting are presented yearly. Other presentations are scheduled to respond to key issues. Members are notified of these opportunities through special mails, e-communications and on the association’s website. Fees are based on the length of the workshop (half-day, one-day, or two-day).

Membership in KASB entitles each board to register and attend the annual convention. The delegate assembly is held together with the annual convention. Separate programs are available for clerks and attorneys. Several pre-convention seminars are held prior to the convention.
The KASB Superintendent Search Service assists school districts in the selection process to fill a superintendent vacancy. A screening committee will meet with the local board to assist in narrowing the focus of the search, will screen applicants, recommend a prescribed number of applicants for interviews and will provide interview tips to the board for making its final selection. The service includes additional support services.
 KASB continues to expand service offering to members. KASB members have access to KJUMP (Kansas Joint Utility Management Program), a natural gas purchasing cooperative sponsored by KASB. It is not a supplier of natural gas, but “pools” the natural gas needs of its members to realize a savings in energy costs.

KASB offers an endorsed Property and Casualty Insurance program underwritten by WRM America Indemnity Company, Inc., which specializes in school district insurance across the nation. This coverage is competitive with other companies. The association is willing to work with local agents in providing this insurance.

KASB provide access to a voluntary parent purchase student accident/health program and district purchased mandatory coverage and mandatory catastrophic coverage.

Health Benefits coverage is offered by KASB through Midwest Public Risk. CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services, Inc. is a KASB-endorsed health insurance consultant.

The KASB Workers Compensation Fund, Inc. helps school districts control their insurance costs with an aggressive claims philosophy and a commitment to loss control. The fund continues to place a high priority on loss control/loss prevention and focuses on remaining a viable alternative in the workers compensation business.

Leadership for Tomorrow
emphasizes is to identify exemplary school board members, superintendents and assistant superintendents. Through a series of programs, the group is informed of key education issues, and provided avenues through which participants better understand how issues impact districts differently, and assisted in finding ways to foster legislative advocacy.

Balanced Leadership training provides building administrators with leadership skills to improve student achievement. Through an exclusive partnership with the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL), KASB offers this training focusing on building level skills.

Whole Board Training is one of the most effective board development opportunities offered by KASB. It is on-site and customized to meet your district’s specific staff development and board training needs. The facilitators work with an individual board (or in some cases, a group of boards in a region) to discuss issues, provide information and establish policies and procedures addressing individual board needs.

Five-year enrollment projections are available through our customized research project. The report is developed by grade using the “cohort survival ration” technique. The report does not predict birth rates, but uses the district’s home county actual resident live births. Many districts find this report a valuable part of strategic plan.
 The KASB Legal Assistance Fund is a separate annual service fee. The separate fee is required to comply with court rules concerning the attorney/client privilege. This allows board members and administrators from districts that are a part of the legal assistance fund to have access to any KASB staff attorney with questions or problems concerning school law. Members also have the right to request written opinions on specific legal questions. Additional fess are charged for continuing consultative assistance or for legal representation; for example, representing the board in a teacher due process hearing would incur an additional hourly fee and additional hourly travel time fees.

KASB provides comprehensive labor relations support, with KASB legal staff and other staff serving as district chief negotiators upon request. Fees are hourly, plus hourly travel time with a maximum established per trip.

KASB policy experts will provide a complete book of school district policies custom-tailored to meet the district’s need. Fees are based on district enrollment. Additional fees are charged for extra copies of draft policies, travel time, mileage and expenses. The board’s policy book can also be converted to digital format, fully searchable.