KASB Leadership Academy

 The demands on school board members and school administrators continue to expand as new federal, state and local responsibilities are added. With budgets tighter and public scrutiny sharper, the stakes are higher - but so are the results accomplished by good board members and administrators.  

More and more, leadership is what “makes all the difference.”  KASB believes you deserve formal recognition for the time and talent you devote to your community’s most important responsibility—public schools!

  • To make available to school board members and administrators, a comprehensive development program that includes opportunities to learn and develop knowledge and skills needed to operate effectively on a school board and as a school administrator
  • To provide a comprehensive and high quality program
  • To be able to demonstrate that school board members are the best prepared public officials in Kansas

How the Academy Works

Academy members can receive six levels of recognition in the Boardsmanship Academy:

1.  Level One Certificate:  25 to 74 points

2.  Level Two Certificate:  75+ points
  • Silver Pin: 75+ points
  • Gold  Pin: 75+ points in  two consecutive years
3.  Platinum Level Plaque: 75+ points in five consecutive years

4.  Whole Board Certificate:  25+ points earned by each board member

5.  Individual recognition
  • Attending KASB seminars and convention
  • Attending National School Boards Association conferences
  • Presenting at KASB Seminars
  • Serving on KASB Legislative or Nominating Committee
  • Testifying before committees of the Kansas Legislature
  • McREL training
  • Leadership for Tomorrow
  • Whole Board Training
  • Board Self-Evaluation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Specific Student Achievement Training
  • Hosting KASB Regional Meetings and/or Seminars
6.  District level administrator recognition
  • Administrators will be recognized under the same plan as individual board members.